Recruiter FAQ

Value Proposition

  • Job Posts to Candidates (also appear on Indeed and other partner sites)
  • Integrated Split-Fee Network
  • Active leads to employers seeking agency/independent recruiting assistance
  • Direct access to hiring managers (no middleman)
  • Keep 100% of the fees received from some member employers (no brokerage fee)
  • Streamlined employer, split-partner and candidate activity management
  • Continuous and reusable "Premium Job Posts" (appear first in search results): much greater response rate!
  • Video introduction upload! Your video accompanies your profile to employers and recruiters: greatly increases interest!
  • Unlimited candidate profile marketing (blinded) to employers and recruiters for fee negotiation
  • Resume Database


Why should I join

Because it is a state of the art integrated and comprehensive recruiting tool that gives outsourced/agency-side recruiters:

  1. efficient access to employers seeking recruiting assistance
  2. the ability to partner with other like-minded recruiters and increase their chances of finding or placing the perfect candidate for their clients and
  3. other essential recruiting tools such as job postings!

Does receive any piece of the fees? receives no part of fees generated using the split-fee network or DRP (Direct Relationship Plan) employer posted jobs. You earned it so you keep it.
With SVP (Single Vendor Plan) job orders, FeeTrader® manages the process so does take a portion of the fee depending on your member level.

How do I get connected with an employer or a split-fee partner?

After conducting a job order search through our portal, you simply click the "bid on job" (if employer posted) or "split-fee request" (if recruiter posted) tab which will enable you to send a personalized message with details about your capabilities and potential candidates.

Can I work directly with the Employers?

If your bid is accepted on a DRP job order (as an upgraded recruiter), all employer and manager contact info is provided and your direct relationship is established. You would never need to work on a req before having the direct manager and employer contact info. You would bid based on your interest in the job (or knowledge of qualified candidates) and upon acceptance then speak and work with the employers directly!

Is there a standard contract to use between the recruiters and employers or split-fee partners?

Employers will often have an agreement posted with the job orders which is visible to the recruiter prior to bidding. For split-fee jobs, provides a sample agreement on our Resources Page that you may customize at your discretion. You may also use a split agreement of your choosing.

How does FeeTrader's service increase my business?

Beyond unlimited job postings that appear featured on Indeed and organically on many other job sites, FeeTrader® fosters easier access to employers (and other recruiters) to market your abilities and candidates. All recruiters have excellent candidates that they will never place because they do not have the appropriate clients or job reqs. FeeTrader® will open up the market so recruiters with great candidates have a more efficient means to communicate that to interested employers and recruiters.

Will I win every bid?

Of course not. However, if you have a compelling pitch and bid, you will gain additional business you otherwise would not have and in much shorter time than cold calling. Even if you win only a small percentage of your bids, your return on investment in both time and money will be significant. You may do much better than that.

How do I increase my chances of a winning bid?

Select positions that cater to your strengths (or ideally candidates in hand) and send a compelling pitch and bid. If you have a good candidate already, provide a quick profile within your pitch and bid for best results. As important as price, employers are interested in recruiters' abilities and candidates. They will not usually select bids based on price alone.

How do I bid on an employer posted job?

From the home page, log in to your account using the email and password you signed up with. Then, on the "search jobs” page, any of the yellow or green shaded jobs are employer posted jobs and are open for bidding. To bid on an employer posted job, click on the job title link and if you have upgraded already, you will see a "bid on job" button with a "bid instructions" link next to it. To bid, click the "bid on job" button. No need to be upgraded if you're bidding on the SVP, green shaded job orders.

Why are recruiters limited on bids?

FeeTrader® is committed to providing an effective tool for both recruiters and employers. The monthly limitation on bids is simply so recruiters are thoughtful on selecting which positions are best suited for their competencies. The recruiter benefits here as the model ensures a reasonable number of competing bids. Otherwise, many recruiters might bid on every position without thoughtful consideration and that lack of "quality control" would hurt both the recruiters and the employers.

Who do we Bill/Invoice?

You bill the employer directly for DRP (Direct Relationship Plan) jobs or the partner recruiter for the agreed upon fee upon successful completion of the placement. For SVP (Single Vendor Plan) jobs, FeeTrader® will handle the invoicing and pay according to the Terms of Use.

When do we get paid on our invoice?

For DRP (Direct Relationship Plan) jobs and split-jobs, it is to be mutually agreed upon between you and the employer or partner recruiter. For SVP (Single Vendor Plan) jobs, FeeTrader® pays commissions after receipt from the employer and the completion of the guarantee period, usually 90 days.

Why post here?

Because you have complete control over with whom you wish to work. We also anticipate this will be the largest split-fee network in the world so get involved and be a part of that! Use each other's assistance in filling challenging positions which may be outside of your sweet spot or to speed the process of making a placement. This will invariably enhance your relationship with your client (and increase your chances and frequency of generating fees). Split-fees ultimately add to your overall billings!

Is there any long term agreement?

No, there isn't.

How many jobs may I post?

As many split jobs as you like. Job posts to candidates are limited by your user level.

Do I have to work with all the firms that solicit to work on my job posting?

No, after you receive a message from a potential partner, it is your decision with whom you decide to work. Furthermore, the job poster's identity can be concealed until s/he decides to connect with a partner.

I've made split requests and never heard back?

As FeeTrader® is simply the medium thru which parties meet, there is no way to really predict how individuals will respond to your requests as it depends on too many variables that we'll never know. Some do post their contact info so keep an eye out for that with interesting posts so you can call them. We suggest never working on any requirement (even calling a single candidate) until you've connected with a poster of a job so you don't waste any time.
Also, be specific in your requests as to your abilities to assist with the particular job req. In general, split partners are more interested in taking the time to work with new partners when they have a compelling message (such as "I work this space often and have an excellent pipeline of candidates already" as opposed to the less compelling "this job sounds interesting. I'd like to work on it").
We suggest keeping your requests compelling, brief and specific to the job post for optimal results.