Employer FAQ

Value Proposition

  • Free registration and job posting (to recruiter bidding)
  • Job posts to candidates that automatically appear featured on Indeed and organically on many more job sites
  • Streamlined and efficient recruiter vendor assessment and staffing management tool
  • Huge FeeTrader® network of recruiters spanning all industries
  • Recruiters compete with a "pitch and bidding" system on placement fees per job posted
  • Refer recruiters that call you to bid via FeeTrader® (verbally or via supplied custom link for your website) - Save time!
  • Works for direct-hire (perm) and contract (temporary) placements
  • Option to manage set vendors under current contracts solely, or while receiving outside bids as well
  • Search recruiters' hot candidates


Why should we post our open jobs to FeeTrader?

FeeTrader® will save employers significant time identifying the best recruiters for specific positions while reducing cost with our innovative model. Employers simply post their position onto FeeTrader® and receive an organized report of bids and pitches which allows for easy and cost effective selection. Because bidding is involved, employers will receive the current market fees for recruiting services on the specific positions rather than being pigeonholed into fixed fees across all positions.
What's even better is, your jobs can be opened to direct candidates as well so you'll receive candidate applications which do not require a recruiter fee if placed. Our jobs to candidates appear featured on Indeed and organically on many other job sites!

How are the recruiting agreements handled between us and the recruiters?

Employers can post a default agreement into their profile which will then preload into each job post (it can be altered at anytime). Recruiters must agree to the terms of the agreement before bidding so the bid report will be 100% from recruiters who have already agreed to your agreement electronically. Once a recruiter is selected, our service will store the agreement into our database and/or be e-mailed to both parties. FeeTrader® supplies a sample agreement which can be customized at the employer's discretion.

Must we select the lowest bid?

Absolutely not! You may choose to accept a bid (or multiple bids) that is somewhere in the middle based on competencies (or candidates) of the recruiter. The selection is entirely in the employer's control. You may choose not to select any of the bids...but we think you will in most cases.

How do we get our current vendors to bid?

You are able to preload the contact e-mails of your current vendors into your profile. These vendors will receive an e-mail (if you elect) inviting them to bid when a new position is posted.

Am I going to be flooded with bids from every recruiter?

No. We've designed the model to limit the number of monthly bids that the recruiter can place with their membership. This will ensure a healthy level of thoughtful bids where recruiters are incentivized to carefully select positions which fit their competencies (or candidates in hand). Both the employers and the recruiters benefit from this "quality control" feature.

How is FeeTrader® able to offer this bidding service for free?

FeeTrader® receives compensation from various advertising initiatives as well as recruiter user fees. Recruiters are able to greatly reduce their marketing cold-calls which are a colossal waste of time both for the recruiters and the employers receiving the calls. The ROI for recruiters will be significant and employers get to enjoy the bidding model without cost.

How do we remain anonymous until we select a recruiter?

Our software automatically removes your company name (and variations) from your job description and the agreements.

How do we search recruiters' hot candidates?

Very simply from our platform! This additionally unique aspect of our model enables employers to assess recruiters based on the candidates with whom they are associated. Upon identifying a great recruiter posted candidate, the employer can contact the recruiter associated to arrange communications. This is a great and efficient opportunity for both employers and recruiters.

Can you walk me through your software?

Absolutely! Any of our staff can walk you through it. Just email feetrader@jobtarget.com and a FeeTrader® support member will be in touch with you right away.